Lycoming County libraries add Comics Plus to online resources

The Lycoming County Library System recently added a new online platform for readers of comics, graphic novels and manga called Comics Plus.


Comics Plus, powered by LibraryPass, is a digital platform offering thousands of digital comics, graphic novels and manga to readers using a smartphone, tablet, or web browser, and can be downloaded to multiple devices. There is never a wait to read, all titles are unlimited access simultaneous use.


Comics Plus offers access to more than 20,000-plus titles to users with a library card from one of the six libraries within the Lycoming County Library System.


There are three access points for Comics Plus:

  • Children – Geared toward readers in grades K-5, ages 5-10, this collection features traditional comic books and manga with simplified panel layouts and content similar to G-rated movies, while reflecting age-appropriate experiences.
  • Teen – Geared toward readers in grades 6-12, ages 11-17, this collection features comic books, manga, hybrid prose/comics and more sophisticated panel layouts. The content includes story intensity, action and violence equivalent to a typical PG-13 movie. Readers in this range are often reading for pleasure, so stories can build on school lessons from a full range of subjects, including history and science, and can expose them to diverse experiences, encourage them to think about other people’s lives and viewpoints, or teach them about different times and places.
  • Adult – For adults ages 18 and older. This collection includes explorations of mature themes with language and imagery appropriate for audiences 18 and over, similar to an R-rated movie or prestige TV show. Some titles may contain violence, blood, or even explicit gore, but pornographic content is not included.


The Lycoming County Library System is compromised of the Hughesville Public Library, Jersey Shore Public Library, James V. Brown Library, Konkle Memorial Library, Montgomery Public Library, and the Muncy Public Library. Visit for more information.

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